Undefeated Kentucky Looking To Keep Rolling in Nashville

Number one seed in the SEC Tournament Kentucky is the heavy favorites to win the tournament and earn a number one seed in March Madness.  Currently ranked number one in the nation, the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats are on their way to making history.  Their high-flying transition offense has grown more dynamic as the season has gone on and they have been a defensive powerhouse all season long as well.  They are the current favorites to win the SEC Tournament as well as the National Championship.  After going 18-0 in the conference, the Wildcats earned themselves a deserved two game bye in the tournament, and will not play until Friday, March 13th.  Their game will be against the winner of number eight seed Florida who play number nine seed Alabama.  Tickets for that game are going for an average of _ with a get-in price of _.

Sophomore Aaron Harrison leads the scoring for the fantastic Kentucky Wildcats.  His 11.2 points per game leads the team, but he is closely followed by freshman Devin Booker who averages nearly 11 as well.  What is most impressive about Kentucky is their defense.  They have allowed the second fewest points per game in the nation and average the second most blocks per game as well.  There is very little that gets past the Wildcats defense.

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Being the first team to attempt an undefeated season since Bob Knight’s Indiana Hoosiers in 1976 is a daunting task.  There will be a lot of pressure for the team to perform and opponents will take them on with a bit more malice.  Second seeded Arkansas will pose the biggest threat to the Wildcats in the SEC Tournament.  They finished 13-5 in conference play but lost by 17 points when they played the Wildcats in February.  At this point it doesn’t look like Kentucky will be dethroned in the tournament but they have to be wary that they do not lose their focus going into the NCAA Tournament.