Basketball Season – So Far Away

Is there any time that moves more slowly than the days following the end of the NCAA Tournament up to the day Big Blue Madness begins?  Oh sure, there are lots of great discussions to be had as fans speculate on the upcoming season, but the off season is a challenging time for the Big Blue Nation, testing their patience to the breaking point.  With that in mind, I offer my humble suggestions on how to better pass the time while waiting for the 2014 season to get started:

  • The first is rather obvious:  catch the NBA Playoffs.  While certainly not as exciting or entertaining as the college game, it still does provide fans with a bit of a basketball “fix.”
  • And while you’re watching the NBA Playoffs, take heart in seeing the refs at the professional level are just as mistake-prone as the college officials.  Countless times we have watched them gather around the monitors for a replay (sound familiar Cat fans?) only to come out and make the wrong call.
  • Sit up and take notice of the Women’s Softball team.  They are making their first appearance in the Women’s College World Series.  I am sure they would appreciate feeling the love from the Big Blue Nation.  Update: the Women won their first round game versus Louisiana Lafayette.  Game 2 versus Alabama at 9:30pm on ESPN2, Friday night, May 30.
  • As long as you’re checking out the ladies,  you might as well show the Men’s Baseball team some love as well.   They begin their NCAA Regional Tournament against Kansas on Friday at 2:00 pm.   It’s definitely worth checking out AJ Reed, just recently named the SEC Player of the Year.
  • The Belmont Stakes will definitely be interesting this year with the potential to have a Triple Crown winner if California Chrome can get this final victory.  Just the possibility of having a Triple Crown winner should be reason enough to tune in and see how it plays out.
  • It’s a long time until tailgate season, but it doesn’t have to be a long time until you see your favorite tailgating friends.   Get your gang together and head to a park for a day of food, fun and friendship with other Wildcat fans.  Consider it a warm-up for football season.
  • As long as you’re getting together with your tailgate gang, it would be a great time to get familiar with all the new faces we’ll have on the sidelines at the football games this year.  Coach Mark Stoops has brought in an incredibly talented freshman class and he hasn’t slowed down one bit, having already gotten commitments from a number of top players in the 2015 class.
  • Spend some time preparing for the upcoming basketball season.  As a fan, there is much to do.  For instance, we know the media will be spewing an unusually large amount of hate toward UK.  The level of hatred seems to be in direct proportion to how talented our team is.  That said, expect the hate to be frequent and severe.  Be prepared to ignore their venom. Don’t give their web sites the time of day, nor your “hit” by visiting their pages.
  • Naturally, opposing fan bases, especially Louisville, North Carolina, Indiana, Tennessee and Duke will be running their mouths and displaying their lack of understanding of college basketball as a whole.  They will still chime in with a chorus of “Robert Morris in the NIT?” while maintaining that mentioning our title in 2012 is “living in the past.”  Arm yourself with the appropriate stats: most wins, 8 National Championships, 3 Final Fours in the past 4 years.   Don’t forget key facts about the opposition, either (1st round loss to Mercer, right Duke? Inappropriate court stormings – UNC and Indiana, anybody?)
  • While we’re doing research, let’s see if we can get some new information about Willie Cauley-Stein (I’m sure he did more than play wide receiver in high school), the Harrisons (Aaron is older, by one minute!), Alex Poythress (has a twin sister that goes to UK) and Marcus Lee (played volleyball in high school).   The television crews really need some new material this year.  Let’s see what we can get for them since they won’t bother doing the research themselves.
  • Finally, when all of the above suggestions still leave you feeling as if the new season will never arrive, fire up the DVR and relive the exciting 2014 NCAA Tournament run or even “live in the past” and watch the 2012 Championship game for what is most certainly not the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th time.  Whatever you do, Bleed Blue and know that basketball season will eventually arrive.
Michele Brown

About Michele Brown

A lifelong Wildcat fan, I retired from KHEAA where I worked as an IS Manager. I am a single mom of a teen daughter, play piano for my church and love to golf. But my first & greatest love is always my Kentucky Wildcats! Go Big Blue! Follow me on Twitter @ForeverBigBlue