Why You Should Attend the Spring Game

After having had a couple of weeks to deal with our college basketball withdrawals, we are now ready for the annual Spring Game at Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday.   This Blue/White Scrimmage gives fans a chance to see the new team in action as well as renew tailgating friendships prior to kick-off.   As of today, tickets still remain so if you haven’t already gotten yours, here’s the Top 10 reasons you should attend the Spring Game:

  1. You can’t beat the price of admission!  Admission is free, but tickets are required and Ticketmaster charges a nominal fee (about $1.25) per ticket.  Do the math and you’ll discover that is a grand total of $5.00 for four people.   You also may call the UK Athletics Ticket Office at (859) 257-1818 and order tickets to be picked up at the stadium on game day.
  2. If you park at the stadium, it’s free!   No parking permits are required and parking will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Lots open at 8:00 a.m. and as you near the stadium, please tune to 1700AM for detailed traffic and parking information.  For those that do not have season parking passes, this is a great opportunity to tailgate with your BBN family.  Seize the moment!
  3. Of course, some will say they don’t want to fight all that traffic after the game, and that’s a fair argument.  Solution?  There are shuttles that will transport you to and from the game (for example, one shuttle will pick up fans at the Transit Garage, 200 W Vine).  The cost for this is $5.oo for the round trip.  Your journey home from downtown is sure to be less stressful than leaving the stadium in your own vehicle.
  4. After the long, brutal winter we just endured, we have a forecast for 75 degrees, with sunny skies.  That by itself is reason enough to get out and enjoy all the fun at Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday.
  5. Since we mentioned tailgating with your BBN family, that alone is reason enough to show up.  So many members of the BBN communicate with each other on social media exclusively.  Wouldn’t it be great to meet the face behind the avi?  There will be a significant number of BBN Twitter users at the game.  Arrive early so you have time to make the rounds  and meet your favorite followers!
  6. I know we had a lot of excitement during the basketball post-season, but surely you haven’t forgotten about #YAHTZEE?  We have an incredible class coming in this year and what a great opportunity to welcome them to Lexington.  Show up and let these guys know how much we appreciate them choosing the University of Kentucky!
  7. Speaking of recruiting classes, at least one incoming player noted the key to his recruitment last year was the Spring Game.  A little over 50,000 fans arrived at Commonwealth Stadium last year and it made a difference!  Let’s show up again this year.  You never know who will decide to be a Wildcat based on the fan support at our annual spring scrimmage!
  8. Coach Mark Stoops hit the ground running when he accepted the position as Head Coach at Kentucky.  He and his staff have worked tirelessly to bring excitement back to our football program.  They also are managing to bring many exceptionally talented players to UK.   How wonderful it would be for the fans to show up in huge numbers so the coaching staff knows we are paying attention to what they do and how much we appreciate what they are doing.  Great things are going to happen.  Don’t you want to be here to see it from the beginning?
  9. The Cat Walk!  How long has it been since you lined the sidewalks to watch and greet the team on their way into the stadium?  Too long is my guess.  You don’t want to miss it Saturday (plans now are for it to take place at approximately 1:30 p.m.)
  10. Now that you’ve read all those reasons for attending, there can only be one thing left to say to convince you to join us Saturday:  Why Not?


Michele Brown

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A lifelong Wildcat fan, I retired from KHEAA where I worked as an IS Manager. I am a single mom of a teen daughter, play piano for my church and love to golf. But my first & greatest love is always my Kentucky Wildcats! Go Big Blue! Follow me on Twitter @ForeverBigBlue